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Ageless Medspa Cosmetics…Beauty by Science!!

Premium cosmetic products from Ageless Medspa endorsed by Dr. M. Sypien, board certified physician.

Ageless Medspa has been serving the Chicago land area for years offering dynamic age defying treatments proven to make our clients look and feel younger. Dr. M. Sypien is a board certified physician specializing in skin treatments and medical grade cosmetics.

Our unique lines of specialized, medical-grade cosmetic products include proven ingredients that enhance your beauty while improving the overall health of your skin. The key to a healthy facial appearance is to increase cellular turnover resulting in fresh youthful skin. Ageless Medspa now offers a distinct line of medical-grade cosmetics which are targeted to improve skin health on each individual’s facial surface and skin type. This unique cosmetic line not only enhances your skins natural features, but improves and rebuilds your skins surface for a radiant new look.  

Our latest innovations will transform your skin through daily use. Unlike over the counter cosmetics our medical grade products do not sit on the skins surface, but penetrate deep in to the bottom layer of skin to rebuild and create new skin cells while at the same time enhancing your natural beauty.

Try our specialized line of medical grade cosmetics and experience:

  • Specially formulated cosmetics that penetrate the skins surface where collagen and elastin are produced to help renew skin cells while promoting beauty
  • Medically proven ingredients that are only available from a physician
  • Designed through clinical research which addresses typical skin issues to rebuild and rejuvenate the skins surface while accentuating your natural beauty
  • Enhanced targeted active ingredients that are clinically proven to restore skin cells

Accentuate your beauty and restore your skins surface with Ageless Medspa’s unique and specially formulated line of Medical Grade Cosmetics. Try them today and see for yourself!

Ageless Intensive Recovery Cream

intensive-recovery-creamThe most natural solution to turn back the hands of the clock has been discovered: Vitamin B3!

Ageless Medspa has products with the perfect formula to help improve skin texture and tone and reduce fine lines & wrinkles. Products containing Vitamin B3/niacinamide are a wonderful option for anti-aging and the Ageless Intensive Recovery Cream is full of rich vitamins that make your skin radiate with a youthful glow. Vitamin B3 is Dr. Oz’s favorite new way to moisturize…
“Think of it like Botox in a bottle – Dr. Oz”

Achieving beautiful smooth skin is as simple as this:

  • Purchase the Ageless Intensive Recovery Cream which is bursting with B3
  • Use twice a day; morning and night
  • Apply evenly to face and neck
  • See results in as little as 4 weeks




Ageless Mineral Based Sunscreens

Active ingredients: Titanium dioxide & Zinc oxide

To protect your skin from sun damage and earl aging, be sure to wear sunscreen every day, all year round.

Why use DermaShade mineral based sunscreens?

  •     Natural mineral UVA / UVB sun protection
  •     Can be applied to the most sensitive skin
  •     Won't clog pores or irritate the skin
  •     Fast absorbing
  •     Fragrance, oil & paraben-free
  •     Lightly textured & moisturizing
  •     Full of antioxidants like vitamins A, C & E which neutralize free radicals

Buy DermaShade SPF 30 >>
Ideal for patients with combination to oily complexions and safe for patients with sensitive skin.

Buy DermaShade Emollien SPF 30 >>
Ideal daily facial photo-protection for patients with dry skin.

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