DETOX With The Doctor!

Integrative Family Practice is teaming up with industry experts to provide you with a road map to your ultimate personalized health.


Where: Ageless MedSpa, 5008 W. Lawrence Avenue, Chicago, IL 60630
When: Thursday, April 20th, 2017 at 6:00 pm

Registration required - RSVP by 4/18/2017
Space limited to 30 attendees. Call now at (773) 205-8800.

Dr. Sypien, MD, FAAFP – Integrative Family Practice & AgelessMedSpa

Sponsor by: Ortho Molecular Products

FREE copy of our 7-Day Detox E-Guide

Discover the benefits of a proven detox program with Dr. Sypien, MD. I invite you to join me in a detox program that we can experience together to discover the challenges and benefits of a full body cleanse.

What To Expect
We will begin with a “Kick-off” presentation where I will share with you what the Core Restore program can do for us and answer all of your questions so that we all know exactly what to expect.

Why Detox?
Our bodies were not designed to deal with the extensive toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis. The Core Restore program will cleanse our bodies of toxic materials so that we can feel better and begin anew to reduce toxic intake and maintain a healthier body and mind.

Let’s Detox together and...

  • Increase our energy
  • Experience weight loss
  • Improve our mental clarity
  • Enhance our digestive process
  • Reveal healthier skin

PLEASE JOIN US TODAY… and lets cleanse together with the Core Restore Detox program!

Your doctor will be the best advisor on whether or not you need detox.

5008 W Lawrence Ave      Chicago, IL 60630          (773) 205-8800         

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