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Ageless Medspa in Chicago has been changing the lives of thousands by offering the latest in high-tech skin exfoliation techniques which yield smooth and vibrant skin. Technological advances have produced a “cutting edge” technology which utilizes a soothing non-invasive ultrasound application treatment to gently exfoliate, message and dramatically improve the texture of aged skin. This significant breakthrough is known as SkinBella™, a crystal-free ultrasound microdermabrasion technique that is very affective on all skin types due to the lack of abrasive elements. Unlike standard crystal microdermabrasion, the new ultrasound microdermabrasion method is non-invasive and very effective at removing the stratum corneum or outer layer of the skin without the pain caused by crystal abrasives. When combined with Oxygen Botanicals cosmetics, ultrasound microdermabrasion is extremely effective at revitalizing the skin’s surface while virtually eliminating acne scars resulting in radiant, glowing, smooth, youthful skin.

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What is ultrasonic microdermabrasion?
This unique application technique incorporates a bi-elastic blade to evenly exfoliate the skins surface enabling non-invasive removal of the stratum corneum. This technique aids healthy tissue forming while increasing blood circulation for a revitalized new look.
What are the benefits of ultrasound over crystal microdermabrasion techniques?
  • Effective at non-invasively exfoliating the skins surface resulting in a smoother younger-looking appearance
  • Reduces the effects of acne scars while healing, nourishing and firming the skins surface
  • Ultrasound waves help to increase blood circulation restoring the skins natural tone
  • Promotes deep pore cleansing while firming skin tissue
  • Inflamed blemishes can be exfoliated without the risk of breakthrough bleeding
  • Immediate visible results with minimal redness.
  • Ultrasound microdermabrasion is one of the safest skin rejuvenation processes as it does not use crystals or chemicals
  • It is perfect for sensitive, sun-damaged, acneic, acne-prone or  thin skin types
How does ultrasound microdermabrasion work?
Ageless Medspa Microdermabrasion is performed with the newest FDA approved non-invasive SkinBella™ equipment to provide controlled cavitation using a high-speed ultrasonic applicator (25,000 cycles per second). Our qualified aestheticians combine proven Oxygen Botanical liquid activators along with a crystal-free ultrasound microdermabrasion applicator to exfoliate, clear, invigorate and moisturize the skins surface.
How many treatments will I need?
Ultrasound microdermabrasion skin exfoliation is a custom process that is adjusted depending on the level of skin damage to be repaired.  Most clients see dramatic results in just one treatment, but the best results are achieved after a series of treatments to completely revitalize aged skin. 
What will recovery be like?
Most patients describe the sensation to be soothing as the ultrasound pulses deliver energy to the treated area. After each ultrasound microdermabrasion treatment the skin may appear a little flushed and capillaries may seem visible. The flushed look and capillaries will vanish quickly, leaving your skin looking and feeling younger, with a healthy glow in less than an hour.
Why is ultrasound microdermabrasion good for men?

In today’s contemporary society, we find that many men are increasingly concerned about the appearance of their facial tone and texture. Most shaving cream, pre-shave and after shave products contain various harsh ingredients that when combined with an abrasive razor will damage the skins surface due to daily use.  Many men in Chicago recognize the damage this process causes and turn to fast, painless ultrasound microdermabrasion treatments to dramatically improve the tone and texture of their skin for a more youthful appearance.

SkinBella™ Advantages
SkinBella does not use crystals Microdermabrasion uses crystals or other particulates
SkinBella modalities are non-invasive and will not produce bleeding Microdermabrasion is abrasive and can produce pinpoint bleeding
Minimal redness occurs and skin is left moisturized, hydrated and invigorated Skin is left red, irritated and dehydrated
Power levels and technique are simple to adjust, resulting in an even exfoliation Power levels and technique are difficult to control resulting in uneven exfoliation
SkinBella is a wet peel Traditional microdermabrasion is a dry peel
Performs a variety of advanced skincare services in addition to exfoliation including moisturization, invigoration and clearing Limited to exfoliation
Suitable for multiple skin types, including inflamed acne, sensitive, couperose and rosacea Not suitable for all skin types, including inflamed acne, sensitive, couperose and rosacea
Inflamed blemishes can be exfoliated without risk of bleeding and spread of bacteria Not recommended for inflamed acne due to risk of embedding crystals, infection and cross-contamination
Extractions are minimized and are easily performed Extractions are not recommended, especially on deeper peels
Oxygen Botanicals™ products are used to enhance, customize and accommodate treatment Topical products are not used during treatment and are not recommended for immediate post-treatment

Take years off of your facial appearance! Visit Ageless Medspa conveniently located in Chicago for a custom ultrasound microdermabrasion package using our new SkinBella™ technology and feel younger with smoother, more vibrant looking skin.


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