„I went to Ageless Med Spa two weeks ago for Botox injections. I was thrilled to receive a consultation for the same day, I even told them I would be about 10 minutes late and that wasn't a problem at all. When I arrived, 15 minutes late, they still saw me, provided me with new client forms, and were so polite. My consultation with Dr. Sypien was informative and not pushy at all, she explained the possible side effects as well the cost. I opted for Dysport instead of the Botox, primarily due to the quicker effects of Dysport and it's cheaper than Botox so that was an added perk! The injections were painless and quick. I went in on a Thursday and I saw results by Monday. My friends and family kept  saying, you look refreshed, you are glowing, and there's something different about you! I am so pleased with my results, I had forehead injections and a few to my chin/lower mouth area. Monica even gave me a tour of the treatment rooms and a microdermabrasion spot sample. I will definitely be going back for more Dysport and other treatments. Thanks Dr. Sypien and the Ageless Med Spa staff!”
– LJ S. Flossmoor, IL (Yelp 05/12/2012)

„I have had microdermabrasion services done at other spas which were effective but left me in a bit of pain and redness. During my consultation at Ageless MedSpa, they explained there SkinBella technique. I decided to give it a try, rejuvenation micro facial left me feeling years younger with smooth radiant skin and less facial lines.
Thanks-Medspa-see you again soon!”
– Sylvia L. Chicago, IL (Yelp 02/13/2012)

„I had cellulite treatments with Kasia last year. She is a pro and each week that I went in, I enjoyed hearing stories about her family and life in Poland. I looked forward to my session because she was my estetician. She's very knowledgeable on many subjects and helped me reach my goal. If something doesn't work, she won't recommend it. If I owned my own spa, I would hire her to manage the place. I will be returning to get some follow up treatments before the summer comes and am bringing my sister with me. I will also be getting facials. The treatments worked pretty well and felt really good also.”
– Nadia K, Chicago, IL (Yelp 03/23/2012)

„I have been to this spa six times already.  The service was prompt, personable and excellent.  The rooms were spotless, well designed and had top of the line equipment that you do not see at  most spas.  I am perplexed by the previous reviews untill I hit the filter button at the bottom where all the good reviews were hidden.  People should leave ranting and raving off yelp and discuss the service, if the light is too bright then you ask the esthetician to lower it down. The spa had such excellent service that I had not seen at other spas, they even had reminder phone calls about my appointment and made me drink lots of water after the services.  If that is not excellent service than I do not know what is... A very happy customer.”
– Dobra B. Chicago, IL (Yelp 11/03/2011)

„Knowledgeable and professional staff with friendly service.”
– Beata K. Niles, IL(Yelp 04/27/2011)

„I just visited today, using my Groupon for the gold-infused facial with LED light.  I walked in and filled out paperwork, specifically asking me about health and any concerns I has with my skin.

I was lead to a darkened room and asked to change.  Once on the table, I was told what was being put on my face and then an exam was done to see any underlying issues so they could be addressed appropriately.  The facial was awesome and relaxing.  In between applications, I was given a neck and shoulder massage.

Afterwards, I spoke with the Dr. about additional treatments I was interested in.  She was very honest and informative about all the products we discussed.

All in all, I'd go back again.  I enjoyed my experience and all of the staff that I encountered were extremely nice.”
– Zella L. Chicago, IL (Yelp 04/06/2011)

„I bought a Groupon for a Swedish Body Wrap.  I'd never had one before, and didn't really know what to expect, but I'm always up for a new spa treatment.  Monica was delightful, and she was totally concerned with my comfort.  You have to be covered in a special mud and then wrapped with pressure bandages, and then you're covered in warm wrappings for 30 minutes.  I lost an inch or so, tho' it was mostly a really great detox.  Don't think I'd have this treatment again, but I'd certainly go back for facials or peels.”
– Cathy C. Chicago, IL (Yelp 03/25/2011)

„I have struggled with adult acne for more than 10 years. After years of trying "miracle acne treatments", I found Ageless MedSpa offers proven treatments that proposed to make me look and feel better. Their state of the art techniques left me looking and feeling fantastic with clean and clear skin.”
– Mike F. (Yelp 11/04/2011)

„Never had a bad experience... I actually rave about the place to my friends.”
– Michelle W. Chicago, IL

„I enjoyed my experience and all the staff I encountered were extremely nice.”
– Zella L. Chicago, IL

„Best facials, peels and microdermabrasion ever...”
– Maria M. Elmwood Park, IL

„Friendly and knowledgeable staff, fabulous doctor and beautiful place.”
– Maria J. Oak Park, IL

„I had a very wonderful experience, very friendly staff, will most certainly go back.”
– Kris L. Chicago, IL

"I am so glad I found Dr. Sypien. The doctor I had gone to for botox was more expensive and didn't take the time like Dr. Sypien, I also had no bruising. She also does the laser herself unlike my previous doctor who left it to an assistant. I highly recommend her."
– Pamila (Yahoo 09/06/2010)

"I have been here 4 times and absolutely love it. My masseuse really helped get the knots out of my neck and shoulder and also gave me some great advice on how to help my swelling and muscle spasm. And the spa facilities are great. Thank you so much!"
– Me (Yahoo 08/06/2010)

"This is the place to go ladies! They have experts who will help you have the flawless face you have always wanted. Dr. Sepien is a first rate doctor who will guide you to the most effective treatments to make you look the very best. The technicians are wonderful! Friendly, professional, and knowledgeable in their area. I have never received so many compliments about my skin until I became an avid customer of Ageless MedSpa... I won't ever go anywhere else."
– Rebecca (Yahoo 07/06/2010)


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